Erica Nlewedim and Kaisha rant bitterly on Twitter

Kaisha and Erica
Kaisha and Erica

Big Brother Naija lockdown reality TV stars, Kaisha Umaru and Erica Nlewedim have taken to twitter to rant bitterly.

According to Erica, she wonders why people she knew before going into the house don’t have issues with her unlike those she has met after she left the house.

When some of her fans expressed shock at her tweets and asked that someone should take her phone from her, Erica stated that people should allow her express herself. She ended by stating that she needs to go on a vacation.

She took to popular micro blogging platform, Twitter, and wrote;

”I wonder why I haven’t had issues with my people I’ve known before the house but can’t say the same for the people I met after, they all have one thing in common, selfish interests. I run from those people!

I’m not going to be your perfect celebrity all the time, I’m just a regular girl. I say what’s on my mind and it doesn’t have to be because of any drama

If you put too much pressure to be perfect on a human being, they will be stressed. I just want to tweet like a normal person so please be guided.

Now I’m sure I need a vacation on an island and with no phones”

Kaisha on the other hand, cried out about her supposed  “enemies of progress”.

Kaisha noted that these set of people try as hard as possible to stop her shine and prevent her from achieving her goals.

Notifying her enemies that it’s too late, Kaisha took to popular micro blogging platform, Twitter and wrote;

“I am unstoppable, I am born to win and shine, some people are trying so hard to block their own way and thinking that they are blocking mine, sorry na una name. Because the God I serve is always by my side.”

“Wahala for people wey think say them fit bring me down.”

“Enemy of progress every where.”


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