‘Ebuka is an instrument of mediocrity’, Nigerian man rants

A Nigerian man and acclaimed politician, Seyi Gbangbola has come for Big Brother Naija Lockdown host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, calling him an “Instrument of mediocrity.

Seyi who earlier called out Wizkid took to his Instagram page and wrote:

“When there is peace and quiet, the show is boring, when they is explicit scene and chaos, you are entertained?

You enjoy when people curse each other out and fight, nobody is interested in the 1% education content it carries( of course that is the least you will care about)

The presenter thinks he is the coolest man alive. Haha! Man should be ashamed of himself if you ask me. You presenting a show that leads many foolish to more foolishness doesn’t make you cool.

At the end of the day many of the so called participants will come out more embarrassed and full with regrets and depressed. But they will hide it under the disguise of being popular and taking cute photos in fancy clothes for clout.

When African countries are called developing, you think they mean only in infrastructure? No! They mean even the African brain is very much under developed. Nigeria is a very good case study, if not the best. – SG”


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