Check out 16 Interesting Facts You May Not Have Known About The 2006 Movie “Apocalypto”

Check out 16 Interesting Facts You May Not Have Known About The 2006 Movie
Check out 16 Interesting Facts You May Not Have Known About The 2006 Movie "Apocalypto"

Below are 15 listed interesting factst you should know about the 2006 super Adventure/Action movie titled Apocalypto. This movie was with no doubt one of the most enjoyed movie of those time, was captivating and kept it’s watcher on suspens till the end.

So without wasting much time, let’s take a look at the super interesting facts about the movie.

1. Apocalypto was made by Mel Gibson, and released on 8th of December, 2006.

2: About the Jungle

Indeed it took a lot to find a perfect and suitable jungle for the movie, which also gave it the realistic view. Every part of the jungle matched the exact scene of the movie which made all the acting real and enjoyable by watchers.

3: Apart from the main actors, most of the cast were inexperienced. Maria Isidra Hoil, who acted the diseased Oracle Girl has not acted before, so image the stress in teaching her how to act, it was not easy.

It really took time and patience to drill Maria Isidra Hoil through her own part, and lastly it was perfectly acted.

4: All the Actor’s ears

Indeed, getting or making the actor’s ears perfect was another work and as well very complicated. Each actor’s stretched earlobes were actually custom-made silicon prostheses crafted by professional makeup designers, which got it a real apperance.

5: The King for the movie, wasn’t of royal lineage.

The cast who starred as king of the Maryans, was actually not of any connection to royal bloodline. He was a local dockworker in Veracruz, but he delivered well in the movie.

6: All the crew for the movie, were very much busy than the actors.

As the movie location was deep in the jungle, all the settings an arrangments were properly done and fixed by the crew, so it was indeed a hard work for them.

7. Also the costume artists spent a lot of hours to paint and tatoo all the actors for the movie.

8: About the main actor who acted juguar paw.

The creative and talented main actor who acted as Juguar Paw, was not a Maryan, He is a Native American, infact he hills from Texas.

9: About the Language spoken, every single dialogue in the Apocalypto movie was in the Yucatec Maya language.

10: The main Reason behind the blue paint which was used on the actors.

The blue paint which was used to colour the actors before taking them for sacrifices, was the colour used by Maryan for sacrifices in real life, so it portray their culture of the Maryan as well.

11: The Human Sacrifice were mostly Accurate.

12: The Nickname ALMOST!

If you indeed watched the movie, then you should know that the actor jaguar paw was nicknamed ‘ALMOST‘ by one of the strongest invaders.

The actual meaning for the nickname given to jaguar paw in the movie was just for mockery, but most of us don’t know why they picked the name for that scene. The maker of the Movie, Mel Gibson was onced bullied during his childhood with the word ‘Almost’, so it really sounded like an insult, so Mel Gibson made use of it in the movie as a mockery.

13: Most or may be said as all the materials used in the Apocalypto movie were made by hands (hand made).

Example, the jade used were all carved and painted wood, making it super real and epic.

14: The Apocalypto filming, took place in mexico.

Although the movie was formerly proposed to be shot in the forest of Costa Rica, but because the forest were too densed, the they relocated to mexico, where they found their perfect taste for the movie.

15: Real Birth Was done in the movie.

We all know that the wife of Jaguar gave birth in the movie, many may be wondering if it was real or not, the truth is the child birth of Jaguar Paw’s wife was a real life birth and not filmed tricked.

16: The Movie “Apocalypto” was officially released after days and months of preparation, it came out officially on December 8, 2006 and also was made release in the DVD format on May 22, 2007. Till today it still trends, many especially i can watch it a million times without getting bored.

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