“Any man I want will be snatched” – Nigerian lady says she is proud to have snatched her man from another woman

A dark skinned Nigerian lady, identified as Preshdivva has taken to her social media to brag about snatching her man from another woman. She took to her Twitter page to profess her undying love for her boyfriend, opened up about snatching him from another fellow woman.

Speaking further the lady revealed she has no atom of regret snatching him from his ex-girlfriend and she is fully ready to spend forever with him.

She tweeted,

“I just want the world to know that I love this man and I’m proud to have snatched such a sweet loving man. Idc.

“Snatched this girl’s boyfriend and I’m going to spend forever with him even if he doesn’t want”.

However, a follower reminded her that only a man that wants to be snatched will be snatched, she disagreed saying that she has the ability to snatch any man she wants to snatch.

In her words,

“No dear.. any man I want will be snatched”.


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