5 Wardrobe Essentials this Winter Season (by Temi Adeyeye)

t’s the season to get warm and cosy and stay stylish while at it. For many fashion lovers, it’s the best season to pair some trendy coats with the perfect jeans ready to hit the streets. The Winter is here! ready or not, it’s time to update our wardrobe with some season essentials.
Here are 5 recommended essentials advisable every woman, both physically young, and the young at heart, should have in their wardrobe this season:

1. Coats/ jackets:   an important wardrobe investment this season are coats and jackets to stay warm, whether for everyday use, to school, work or other special occasion. If you are big on following trends, this season you should totally consider spicing your wardrobe up with any Animal print jacket of your choice.

2. Boots are highly necessary this season, be it ankle boots or knee high. Boots are very versatile and can be paired with everything ranging from dresses to jeans depending on the occasion.

3. Cosy Knitwear: One should totally invest in as many cosy sweaters and cardigans as possible this season ranging from turtle necks to V-necks (styled with a muffler).  Favourite piece this season is an oversized turtle neck sweater to ensure warmth.

4. The ideal pair of Jeans
Would jeans ever go out of style? Maybe not!  Whether skinnies, high waisted, cropped flare works perfectly depending on your body type and personal style. You might want to avoid, overly distressed jeans though because of the weather.  Invest in different shades of jeans with the perfect fit for your comfort and you are good to roll this fall season.

5. Perfect Outfit for the Season
The season is the festive season, when you spend time visiting and celebrating with family and friends.  You want to show up with a perfect outfit for your celebrations … the colour RED fits the festive season perfectly, and you can go further, dressing to impress in glittery gowns … with sequins and sparkles!

Finally, to let you in on one of this early 2019 cold season trends …. GO WILD!
Make not just a ‘WOW’, but a ‘ROAR’ statement by capturing every glance and attention, with wild animal prints – heels/bags/clothes or coats.



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