Why the Kano Hisbah Police treat the rich and poor differently

Kano Hisbah

The Kano Hisbah Board has explained why it treats the rich and the poor differently in its operations.

Hisbah was recently chastised for turning a blind eye to high-profile weddings, particularly the ‘revealing’ wedding gowns worn by the bride of Yusuf Buhari, President Muhammadu Buhari’s son.

Sharia police have also recently initiated a crackdown on young men with fashionable hairstyles, as well as a prohibition on mannequins in fashion stores.

Aliyu Kibiya, a board director, explained the preferential treatment by saying that publicly criticizing a leader is against Islamic teachings.

“While we encourage everyone in society to do the right thing, we make decisions on a case-by-case basis. It is against Islamic beliefs to stand on a podium and criticize leaders. “There are methods to warn a leader without publicly condemning him,” he remarked.

Haroun Ibn-Sina, the board’s commander-general, informed the radio station that they also arrest the children of the wealthy.


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