This Actress Once Said “She Doesn’t mind being the second or third wife”, Check out her Recent Photos

This Actress Once Said "She Don't mind being the second or third wife", Chek out her Recent Photos

Charming Magazine recalls a pretty light skinned Nollywood Actress who once said she doesn’t mind being a second or third wife once the love is real.

This pretty actress by name Christabel Egbenya, is a much loved and popular Nollywood talented actress who has starred in lots of movies, and made great impact on lives through her wonderful display on screen. She is also the chief executive officer of Labell Beauty World located in Enugu State.

The light skinned beautiful single lady from Edo state, once revealed in an interview with Sun News saying: “it doesn’t matter if he is Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa; as long as I am happy with him, it’s okay. I can even be a second or third wife, it doesn’t really matter as long as there is true love and happiness”.

Below are some of her beautiful recent photos:


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