See Lovely Photos of Actress Dayo Amusa in Hijab that Shows She is a Muslim

See Lovely Photos of Actress Dayo Amusa in Hijab that Shows She is a Muslim

Islam as a religion of peace doesn’t allow women to wear revealing clothes and it is imperative for them to cover their head. brings to you some lovely photos of a popular talented actress, Dayo Amusa rocking her hijab as a Muslim.

Veteran Actress Dayo Amusa is a born and dedicated muslim, which many of you may doubt it, so also Looking at the Nollywood movie industry, there are also some female celebrities who you may doubt their religion as Islam, maybe because of their lifestyle. Dayo is a perfect example of such Islam which one can hardly believe her to be a Muslim.

Born July 20, 1983 in Lagos into the family of 5, Dayo Amusa is a light skinned beautiful and talented Nollywood actress, singer, movie director and film maker. She is the first child of her parents and hails from Lagos state.

Dayo Amusa is a graduate of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic where she studied Food Science and Technology.

She started her acting career in the year 2002 and has featured in several Nollywood movies, both Yoruba and English.

Pretty Dayo Amusa is a muslim lady and has proudly displayed it in several ways, as she has been spotted at different scenes wearing hijab and giving alms to the needy.

Dayo Amusa is also an Alhaja as she has gone on an Holy pilgrimage to Islam Holy Land, Mecca. Below are some lovely photos:


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