Rwandan woman faces jail over “shameful dressing”

Liliane Mugabekazi, a 24-year-old Rwandan woman who was arrested on August 7 after attending a concert in a sheer dress, has been charged with indecent dressing, Charmingpro reports 

A photo of Liliane, who was at a concert by popular French musician Tayc a few days ago, went viral on the internet.

Busingye Johnston, Rwanda’s current ambassador to the United Kingdom, condemned Liliane’s mode of dress in a tweet on his verified handle, calling it an objectionable act.

“The current issue of our young men and women drinking and drugging themselves unconscious and appearing in public literally naked is objectionable,” he wrote.

Faustin Nkusi, a prosecutor’s spokesman, said the woman committed a serious crime by appearing “naked” in public, calling her outfit “shameful.”

The 24-year-old lady was charged in court on Thursday, according to Rwanda’s newspaper, The Chronicles.

According to reports, Liliane’s lawyer requested that the case be heard in camera.

In March 2022, police arrested a 20-year-old woman on suspicion of “public drunkenness and indecent assault” after a video of her lying on the ground in an alcoholic stupor circulated on social media.


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