Mother in tears after her autistic nonverbal son was taken out by his carer in freezing weather without jacket

A mother was heartbroken when she saw her son outside in freezing weather without his jacket.


The mother regularly posts about rasing her autistic son, Akintade, to help others in their journey.


Her son is not only autistic but also nonverbal.


In the latest video she posted on TikTok, she appeared distraught as she revealed that she saw her carer taking her son out in freezing weather without proper covering for the weather.


In the video, the carer is seen fully dressed in proper warm clothes but she took Tade out in freezing weather without a jacket.


Tade looked like he was cold but couldn’t voice his discomfort.


Crying, Tade’s mother lamented that they are not allowed to choose their carer and expressed concern about what happens to her son when she’s not around.



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