Learn Simple Method for Processing Dried & Powdered Paps (Picture Teaching)

Learn Simple Method for Processing Dried & Powdered Paps (Picture Teaching)

Charming.com will be teaching you simple method on how to Process Dried/Powdered Paps which locally call Akamu.

Powdered pap popularly known as Akamu is locally made from millet or corn, so Before you get to the dried paps you will first produce the fresh pap. First Charming.com will teach you on how to produce the fresh Pap.


1. Get your millet or corn (called Dawa in Hausa), soak it into a bowl of water for a complete day, or maybe advisable to soak at night so the next day it can be fully ready for usage. Reason for soaking it are many, so for you to achieve a perfect pap, then soak it for a whole day.

2. Next Day, wash the millet or corn, when washing, beware of tiny stone particles.

3. Take it to the granders for granding, after been graded, take home, seive and dispose the waste.

4. Allow the pap to rest for atleast 1hour, then after the 1hour, water comes up and your pap goes down, pour away the wate, then the pap under pour it into a seive bag. We have bags for puting in paps you can check for it in the market, because those bags has tiny micro openings which allows water to move away holding back your paps.

5. Allow the pap inside the sieve bag till the next day, then you will get a waterless and strong formed pap. Next you have to put it out in a tray and deform it with your hands, use your hands to mill it like you are granding it into tiny pieces.

6. Sundry it, put it under sun pressure to dry, as it drys bring it down and use your hands to keep granding it into tiny pieces, after that put it back to the sun, do these untill it gets well dried (No more Water Particles).

7. After been dried, you sieve it so you get your fine particles, then your dried pap is ready.

8. You can put it into an air tight container, bottle it, seal it or however you want and it will stays in there for a long period of time.

9. Now, when ever you want to drink your pap, get the quantity you need, put it into a plate add water normally as if you are making your normal paps, mix it and add your boiled hot water, then your pap is ready to drink.

Try it out because is saves you from stress of going to purchase pap whenever you are ib need. with these you will drink pap whenever you need it because its preserved for you for as long as you needed it.



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