I’ve Seen More Homeless People In New York Than In Lagos – Filmmaker Imoh Umoren

Imoh Umoren

Imoh Umoren, a Nigerian filmmaker, has gone to Twitter to share his experiences from some of his travels abroad. The filmmaker compared New York to Lagos and wrote about poverty.

In a tweet, Umoren stated that he has seen more homeless persons in New York City than he has in Lagos. He noted that this is due to the fact that poverty exists throughout the country and is not limited to a single region.

He tweeted:

“I’ve seen more homeless people in New York than I’ve seen in Lagos… because poverty is everywhere.“

Nollywood actress Beverly Naya who also contributed to the post, pointed out that living in a shack is also considered being homeless abroad.

She replied:

“Living in a shack is considered being homeless abroad tbh so yeah, definitely way more in Lagos.”


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