“I have a wife & I have Children”, TB Joshua Explains Why He Don’t Put His Wife & Daughter on Spotlight

    The Annointed Man of God T.B Joshua, Founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) has finally revealed why he doesn’t put his wife by name Evelyn Joshua on the spotlight.

    In a recent interview with some journalists some weeks ago at The SCOAN Prayer Mountain, The Prophet of God, TB Joshua made a statement saying, “I have a wife and I have children. My first daughter is doing her PhD and my second daughter is doing her master’s degree. In all, I have three daughters. The last one is still in secondary school. I would have loved my wife to be like me but I cannot make her what I am; it is God. I can’t anoint her; God is the one that anoints people.

    He continued “This is not a biological issue; it is an inheritance from the saints – being a partaker of the inheritance from the saints. So, therefore, I should not use anything in my biological life to stop my spiritual life.

    “As for my divine nature, I am a partaker of the inheritance of the saints. This is an apostolic ministry; it is not a ministry where you read the Bible, go to theology school, get your certificate and you start preaching! No. It is purely divine. So, it is so difficult for me to display my wife, she has to be ready for God. As much as you are ready for God, God will display you.”

    Joshua wedded Evelyn in 1990.

    The preacher said the prayer mountain was where he started his ministry and that it would be unveiled on completion.


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