Shatta Wale Reacts To Controversy Trailing Him For Kissing His Male Bodyguard On The Mouth

Shatta Wale, a Ghanaian dancehall musician, has responded to criticism for kissing his male bodyguard on the lips.

Previously, Shatta Wale was seen kissing his security guard, Shatta Kumoji, in a viral video.

“I love you mhen… you kept your word,” Shatta Wale said as he put his neck chain around Kumoji’s neck. “God is good. I received it,” Kumoji responded as the diamond neck chain was placed around his neck.

Shatta Wale then put a kiss on Kumoji’s lips. The video has sparked conflicting views about the Ghanaian singer’s sexuality.

Shatta Wale responded to the uproar that surrounded the viral video by tweeting:

Kissing pleases my fans.


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