Fuel will sell for N250 per litre, pure water N50, cement N6,000, Army and police will protest – Primate Ayodele predicts

Primate Elijah Ayodele has predicted that the economic situation of Nigeria will get worse, to the point where fuel would sell for N250 per litre, and pure water will sell for N50, Charmingpro reports 


The leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church warned that the rate of inflation would rise astronomically.


He said five litres of groundnut oil would sell for N5,000, a measure of Garri would sell for N1,500, and cement would sell between N5,500 to N6,000.


In a statement signed by his spokesman, Oluwatosin Osho, Ayodele said the situation in the country was getting to a point where the police and Army would go on strike because the government would not be able to pay their salaries.


He said: “Our economy is in serious shambles; it will get to a point where the police and Army will go on strike because of payment.


“There will be inflation in the country, and pure water will sell for N50, local rice will sell for N30,000, five litres of groundnut oil will sell for N5,000, there will be no N200 bread, Congo of garri will sell for N1500, with N1,000 you won’t be able to feed yourself, cement will sell between N5,500-N6,000, minerals will sell for N200, Petrol is still going to N250/Litre.


“Nothing is coming out of this government anymore; it is confusing and will affect the rich and poor, and even banks will fold up and forcefully retire some of their staffers. With this economy, hard times await private sectors; multinational companies will begin to shut down.”


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