Dino Melaye acquires 460 million naira Lamborghini Aventandor Roadstar convertible

Kogi born Former Senator, Dino Melaye has acquired a 1 million dollar Lamborghini Aventandor Roadstar convertible.

The new addition to his fleets of cars is just one out of others which includes; Porsche Panamera he bought a cost of $80,000 (N29,320,000.00), a Range Rover which costs about N54,975,000.00, Bentley Continental estimated price is about N91,625,000.00, G-Wagon may be at least N73,300,000.00, Chevrolet Corvette It goes for at least N21,498,500.00, Rolls-Royce and Mercedes and other cars in his garage are also a Mercedes E Class – ₦19.2 million, Mazda CX 3 – ₦8.6 million, Rolls-Royce Ghost – ₦105.7 million, Porsche Carrera 911 – ₦34.6 million, Harley Davidson – ₦9.4 million, Lamborghini Huracan – ₦86.7 million, and a Rolls-Royce Phantom – ₦163.3 million.


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