Cubana ChiefPriest, Maria Chike and her married boo: Why do we shame the side chicks only?

Maria and Cubana ChiefPriest


Why do they call women “husband snatchers” when it’s the males who initiate contact?

Let’s take some pointers from the narrative of Big brother Naija’s Maria Chike, Cubana Chief priest, and her married boo, Kelvin.

Is a married guy a commodity, for example? Is he a plate of rice or a potentially ‘stolen’ iPhone?

The guy took a pledge and swore an oath to remain devoted and loyal to his wife, whereas the alleged ‘snatcher’ did not.

This patriarchal act irritates me greatly.

It’s about time for married guys with wondering manhood to be shamed, not only their sugar babies.

These women are sometimes the victims of deception and lying, as these males will lie merely to get their pants down.

Also, I can’t deny that some of these ogbanje girls approach these men despite the fact that they are married.

But, on the other hand, the African (at least Nigerian) tradition allows polygamy…. (Though I’m not a fan.) Why do we frown on it when some of our parents and grandparents practiced it?

Will polygamy make “husband snatching” less common? Leave your thoughts in the comments area.

PS: Polygamy is not something we support.

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