Celebrity Journalist, Kayode Alfred To Unveil Aristocrat Clothing Flagship Store, Institute & Premium Laundry Company

Celebrity Journalist, Kayode Alfred To Unveil Aristocrat Clothing Flagship Store, Institute & Premium Laundry Company

With celebrity journalist and style genius, Kayode Olanshile Alfred, it is ever about grits and guts, and the golden goose and grandeur. Renowned with setting new precedents every time and everywhere, Alfred has never taken things slow or tarried at a spot for too long. Once again, he has demonstrated entrepreneurial gutsiness with his latest fashion novelty on three fronts with a promisse to be anything but average.

Reports started leaking out in June about a new wave of business that Kayode Alfred was gestating and prepping to push out. This was rumoured to take wing from his 2020 Green with Envy Collections, which pollinated his Aristocrat Clothings across choice locations in Nigeria and Ghana. Based on recent findings, Alfred is set to supersede all expectations—and common sense.

Others launch a single business crusade per time—not Kayode Alfred. Come November 15th, 2020, at Heart Omole Phase 1 Estate, Ojodu, Lagos, the style genius will unveil three different business campaigns: an Aristocrat Flagship store, an Aristocrat Institute, and a premium laundry service company.

The Aristocrat Flagship store, according to reports, is Alfred’s first swing to break new grounds in the fashion industry. Knowing his endemic signature style, folks are waiting to see what Alfred considers to be flagship.

The Aristocrat Institute is reported to be something of an academy for youths interested in polishing their sartorial abilities. This is Alfred’s gesture of goodwill, and an outlet for giving back to society. With this, one expects that a multitude of Kayode Alfreds might soon crop up and advance trade and industry even further.

The third face of the launch, the laundry and dry cleaning service company, is another outlet for Alfred to bring his momentum to work. This enterprise promises to avail premium laundry and dry cleaning services, as well as raise the standards of coordinated business operations and service delivery.

Little wonder several dignitaries will be on ground to cut yellow tapes with Kayode Alfred. This set of people will be the first to pick up Aristocrat’s exclusive ready-to-wear outfits at very affordable prices.
Only the daring lead the pack. And that is Kayode Alfred—daring and unapologetic, ever pushing the frontiers for fashion, style and image.


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