Billionaire Akin Olugbade’s Rolls Royce up for sale 3 months after his death

Charming Magazine has gathered that billionaire, Akin Olugbade’s Rolls Royce has been put up sale for sale barely three months after his death.

Recall that the chairman of Bolu Akin-Olugbade Limited died on January 13, 2021 after he suffered complications from COVID-19.

A man who lived a life of unabashed luxury, Billionaire businessman, Bolu Akin-Okugbade was the biggest collector of the high end car, Rolls Royce, in Nigeria.

Even during his funeral, the Christian Wake witnessed his clothes, luxury cars and rich library displayed as parts of the decorations of the hall.

But with his death came the challenge of managing his mouth-watering and expensive fleet.

Currently, one of his Rolls Royce cars has been moved to an auto shop in Opebi perhaps to be sold.

Charming Magazine will bring more details later.



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