Beautiful Russian Dancer Natalia Pronina, Killed Weeks After Threats From Her MP Lover’s Wife

There has been reports that Natalia Pronina, a 30-year old Russian dancer has been killed.  She was shot dead at close range on a Moscow street, by a masked assassin whom police sources believe to be a contract killer.

Moskovsky Komosomolets, a Russian publication had reported a long-term secret affair had existed between Pronina and an influential male believed to be an MP.

Natalia Pronina

It is alleged that Pronina had received threats from the MP’s unhappy wife when she found out of their secret affair in the Summer.  

Alexander Kravchenko, her 33 years old boyfriend, claims he was away working in Yalta in the Crimea at the time of her murder, and has denied any involvement.

There are speculations from her friends that Pronina may have been killed on the orders of an admirer whose advances she turned down.

Her former dancing colleague, Anzhelika, believes this is the most likely reason.  According to her “Natalia not only danced beautifully, she is a real beauty.”

“Men always clung to her and it is possible that one of the rejected fans could have killed her”.  Anzhelika added:  “She did not have a serious relationship. She was not the type who dreams of a white dress and a bunch of kids.”

Another friend Valeria, told Komsomolskaya Pravda: “Only one of her admirers could be behind this because of jealousy.”


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