AFGHANISTAN And The Lessons To Learn ……

    Afghanistan war: picture courtesy France 24
    Afghanistan war: picture courtesy France 24

    I am shocked by the speed at which the Taliban overran Afghanistan within 10 Days.

    Eighty-five billion dollars ($85 billion) and thousands of lives lost to the campaign by the US & UK Troops.  The questions are:

    Where is the so-called 300,000 Strong Army?

    Where did all the money go?

    Where are all the ‘Security Apparatus’?

    For years, ordinary Afghans had accused the President and his cronies of corruption, and that has played into the Taliban’s offensive. The Million-dollar question is: Was the Invasion of the Country in the first instance and the huge loss of lives worth  it?

    The West are embarrassed at the turn of events. The Taliban virtually strolled into Kabul without firing a shot and marched straight into the Presidential Palace to take over the Government. The entire Three Hundred Thousand (300,000) soldiers trained by the US/UK and members of other security Apparatus, just melted into the crowd, or absconded across the border seeking asylum –  utterly unimaginable!

    My greatest concern is about the Welfare and Human Rights of women in the New Afghanistan, as we know how brutal their regime had been in the past and how women had been on the receiving end of their sticks.

    This is a Wake-up Call to All of us as a People and Nation, that the Days of free meals and riding on the backs of other Nations, by being over-dependent on other Nations for sheer existence is OVER.

    Individual States and its People must resolve their differences themselves; No one can take care of ‘You’, or has Your Best Interest, but Yourself.

    The Afghanistan Story is a clear example and we must learn from it, as Nigerians.

    Written by: Adetokunbo Layokun (Entrepreneur & Political Enthusiast)



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