About us

CHARMING MAGAZINE was first published in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, in November 2008.

A magazine built out of great passion for writing and fashion, CHARMING is the brainwork of the publisher, Maureen Layokun, whose desire then was to bridge the gap that existed in the area of African fashion and style between ladies in diaspora and those living in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, by publishing an African fashion and health magazine for Africans residing in Ireland.

CHARMING MAGAZINE is a contemporary and unique African magazine, still with the same purpose of showcasing the good works of Africans abroad and promoting African fashion and lifestyle in over eighty glossy pages. 

CHARMING MAGAZINE is now operates from the United Kingdom.


To promote Africa’s rich cultural heritage abroad
Bridge the gap that exists in fashion and style between Africans in diaspora and those back home
To showcase the efforts and good works of Africans in diaspora

To be a force to reckon with in the world of African Media.


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