2023: We’ll return Nigeria to Nigerians – Peter Obi

Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate, has assured Nigerians that if he is elected president, his government will provide them with a sense of belonging, Charmingpro reports 

Speaking on Thursday at the Labour Party and Coalition for Peter Obi Leadership summit in Abuja, the former Anambra State governor expressed confidence that his administration would return power to Nigerians.

Obi believes that the only thing lacking in the country at the moment is leadership, and that his goal in running for president is to provide Nigerians with good leadership.

“Our job is to take power from those who have it and give it to you,” Obi explained. We have a country called Nigeria, but no Nigerians. What we want to do is raise Nigerians.

“The only way to create Nigerians is to instill hope in people, and the only way for people to have faith in Nigeria is for Nigerians to have hope.”

“The only thing this country lacks is leadership.” That is exactly what we intend to provide. We are not attempting to do anything else. Datti and I want to provide leadership. We are not looking for anything specific.


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