How Bimbo Oshin’s husband, Dudu Heritage, died

Dudu Heritage is dead

Bimbo Oshin, a well-known Nigerian actress, is currently in grief after her husband, Ola Ibironke, also known as Dudu Heritage, apparently slumped and died.

The captain of the exclusive Ibadan Golf Club, who is married to legendary actress Bimbo Oshin, died on Sunday night, September 12.

He was alleged to have passed out while out with his mates at the golf club about 8:30 p.m. Attempts to resuscitate him proved futile. He was brought to the hospital, where he was subsequently declared dead.

The Ibadan Golf Club issued a statement on Monday, September 12th, announcing his demise.

“We are shocked by the sudden demise of our Captain, Mr. OLA IBIRONKE. The Course is hereby closed and all club activities are suspended until further notice while the Flag will be hoisted at half mast .Our prayers are with his family and members of this great Club. Further details will be announced.” the statement read.


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